Cataliste is a simple to-do list app, where you manage your tasks using simple commands and numerical indices. Create, modify, and mark tasks as finished in a whim. You can also track your progress and export your list. Cataliste provides a standard OS X user interface, but you can also install a command-line tool.


At the first start of the app, Cataliste will create a list for you. Use + to add a task and / to mark it as done ; you can specify a percentage to finely track your progress. List all the awaiting tasks using l. You can use < and > to sort your tasks, s to permute them and - to delete one of them. Finally, you can export your list as a .pdf using p. In the Preferences pane of the app, you can choose where to save your list, and customize how the tasks should be displayed.


Here are the commands you can use, either in the app or with the command line tool cataliste (install it through the Cataliste app menu).

About me

I'm a french developer. Cataliste was firstly developed for my personal use, but feel free to tell me if you started using it or if you encountered any bug.
If you like my work or have any questions, you can contact me through my website.