Alloy is an elegant SFTP client designed with the iPhone in mind. Its current feature set is small but consistent. The app will grow in the future to incorporate more tools useful for developers and advanced users. You can use Alloy to manage your SFTP remote server accesses. Your configurations are saved and you can configure the app to auto-connect to your favorite remote at launch.

Once connected to a SFTP server, you have access to the remote directory hierarchy. Depending on your user rights, Alloy allows you to download files, create directories, remove items and upload new files.

File management

Download: after downloading a file, you can open it into any app that support its file format. You can them re-upload it to update it on the remote server.

Upload: all your Files app locations (local or online) are available to pick files from.

About me

I'm a french developer, focused on computer graphics and iOS applications programming.
If you like my work or have any questions, you can contact me through my website.